Innomada Manifesto

The Guiding Principle - our WHY 

In everything we do,  we want to change the world by helping others be a better version of themselves.

How we make this work

We work in cross-functional teams to exchange ideas and to grow by being out of our Comfort Zones.

At regular intervals the Team reflects on WHY we're doing this and HOW we can do this even better.

We make small steps and experiment to poke Reality and prove what has value - forwards our WHY.

We work with discipline, but assuming there are no limits to change.  We communicate change clearly to help others adapt.

We help each other reach Responsibility, without blame,  shame,  justifications which only hold us back from improving the System we work on and the Process which supports us.

We recognize that while most creative ideas might come from talented individuals, it is only teams that let those ideas come to life and flourish.

We value face to face communication most,  that is why we use it in ways that make it most effective. 

We value effectiveness over efficiency, and maintaining an indefinitely sustainable pace for all involved in our success is most important.

We all work and grow so that we can become servant leaders to others,  helping them grow on their own path.

Values we share

While there are many values, the ones below are core and we believe that those will help guide us  in our every day.

Autonomy. Is a way for us to ensure that what we do, we do with passion and conviction. 
Creativity. Helps us reimagine the world and make leaps by taking small steps forward. 
Adaptiveness. In a world speeding ahead, the only way to be better is to constantly adapt and change. 
Pride. Because the best solutions and services come from teams and individuals who are proud of what they do. 
RESPONSIBILITY. Is the secret sauce to it all, it helps us find trust, own up to our shortcomings and let go of what happened so that we can see the big picture and improve.

We share and inherit our values from Lean, Agile and Scrum, and thus the following are also close to us:

Respect. Helps us help others reach their full potential.
Openness. To improve, we need to know how we affect others, and openness helps us do this.
Courage. Helps us face up to reality and be responsible.
Focus. Is how we get things done, we use our flow to get one thing done at a time.
Commitment. Our promises are sound and we do whatever can be done without affecting relationships, health and wellbeing to achieve the goals we set.

Trust. Is the foundation our work is based on and helps us reduce unneeded hassle.

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